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We are fascinated to hear people’s stories of experiences with spirit.  Like so many people we have sensed spirit people since we were children but didn’t understand it then.   I have had many experiences of communicating and physically seeing spirit people especially in very unusual circumstances.  


Often spirit people will show up to help us out; I was driving home very late one night some years ago on a lonely rural road and in the distance I could see a green haze.  As I drove closer I realised there was a young woman standing on the bank to my left looking beyond me as if she hadn’t seen my car or been blinded by the full on headlights.  I drove past her at speed but in that few seconds I saw every detail, she was wearing a light green jacket and high waisted trousers, an outfit from the 1960s, her brown hair was tied back in a bun, she had rosy cheeks, was wearing lipstick and had a large bag with a long strap on her shoulder and she was smiling.  I saw her as a solid figure but knew she was a spirit person and felt she had been killed in a car crash.  Anyway I was driving too fast on the bendy roads and I felt that she was there to say slow down and drive carefully so I was very thankful both for the warning and the experience!  



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