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The Bull Hotel Haunted History


The Bull Hotel is located in the historic village of Long Melford in Suffolk and was built in 1450.  This fine timbered building was originally built for one of Long Melford's weathy wool merchants.  It was converted into The Bull Inn in 1580.  Coaches from London, Bury St Edmunds and Norwich passed through Long Melford.


Inside the Bull Hotel its history is apparent with moulded oak beams, carvings and open fires and complemented by period furniture.


One interesting feature is a carving in the lounge of a mysterious being believed to depict the the Wildman or Woodwose who wards off evil spirits

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Murder Mystery and Intrigue!


It is believed that The Bull Hotel is haunted by a Richard

Evered who was violently murdered in 1648.  He was stabbed to death by a man called Roger Greene during a heated argument over politics.  Roger Greene was quickly arrested, tried and executed for the murder.  Unfortunately Richard Evered never received a burial.  Although his body was laid in a side room, when his family came to collect it, the body had disappeared!


Staff and guests alike have reported drops in temperature, objects being moved, phantom footsteps and strange banging noises.




The Bar


Here in The Bar Spirits of a different kind may mingle with you.  Staff have told us that they often find  menus and items on the tables have been moved when The Bar is empty.  Many years ago some staff were having a break sitting at the bar as it was closed.  A row of jugs hanging behind the bar suddenly started moving and one flew of its hook!


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