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We all have spirit guides who can also help us to learn about working with the spirit world.  Some years ago I was away on holiday and I remember waking up one night in my hotel room and I saw hovering by me the face of a beautiful woman.  However her face was not in a solid human form but was made up of beautiful coloured energy, she had very beautiful big eyes and her her hair was made up of thick lines of wavy energy.  It was amazing.  I closed my eyes and opened them again and she had gone but the room was filled with this beautiful coloured energy all in wavy lines.


I found the experience amazing and comforting.  The next morning I thought about my experience and what was the meaning of it all.  A name suddenly came to mind; Carolina.  I discovered that one of the meanings for this name is "beautiful woman".  I also feel Carolina showed me several things in her visit.  Spirit can manifest energy in many different ways including colour.  Colour is very important to all of us in our daily lives but it also has a spiritual significance for us too, such as the colours of our chakras and auras.  I felt that Carolina was also showing me the balance between light and dark and that we shouldn't be afraid of the dark.  In fact I often see spirit manifest in the dark as well as the light, with beautiful flashes and orbs of colour.  I felt very protected and thankful for her guidance.



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