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Reiki Level 3 Master Practitioner

Undertaking Reiki Level 3 training and attunements is another important step with for self healing and healing of others.  Working with the Master Energy is powerful and heightens awareness.  It increases your inner strength, clarity, confidence and perception.  Because it takes you higher in your spiritual evolution, you may be aware of standing back from life a little and becoming the observer.  This gives you time to think before reacting to situations.


Far more energy is channelled than at Level 2 and you will learn the Master symbol which is extremely powerful.  Master Practitioner Level is about self-mastery.  


Once you have been working at Master Practitioner for a while you can progress if you wish to train to become a Reiki Master Teacher which takes a year.  Reiki Level 3 is a two day course which includes a comprehensive manual and certificate - the investment is £350.

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