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Reiki 3 Programme - Master Practitioner

Day 1



Implications of 3rd Degree Reiki

Code of Ethics

Main Attunement


Book List

Anatomy and Physiology

Revision of Giving a Treatment and exercise in pairs


Revision of 2nd Degree symbols

The Master Symbol

Exercise in pairs - 2nd Degree symbols and Master symbol

Self-development work


Day 2


Experiences when using Master symbol

Draw Master symbol

Draw all 4 symbols and feel their energy

2nd Attunement


Distant healing procedure using Master symbol

Distang healing to pre-arranged person

Self-development work


Exercise in pairs - giving a treatment

Words we use

Exercise in pairs - distant healing using Master symbol


Includes Manual, Certificate and ongoing support

Day 1 Homework


1. Learn to draw and say the name of the Master symbol

2. Use the Master symbol in some way

3. Arrange with someone to send them distant healing around                            

   12pm tomorrow

4.If necessary, revise giving a treatment for exercise tomorrow

Day 2 Homework


Send distant healing, including the Master symbol at least five times over the coming month - or shorter time if you wish.  (Different people if possible).  Then send letter or email to me describing your experiences and that of the person receiving in each case

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