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Marie and Kevin are Piscean which is a water sign and said to be one of the most psychic of the star signs.  Psychic energy is different to spirit energy.  When working on a psychic level we can tap into people's energy through the aura and chakras so in a way we are reading their energy field.  Our aura is our spiritual signature.  Have you ever said things like "she is blooming" or "he is glowing with success".  You are describing that person's aura!  


The aura is our personal energy which is made up of electromagnetic particles radating from the body in different layers.  Every living thing emits an auric field.  The aura is our life-force and reflects all aspects of our body, mind and spirit - what we think, feel and experience in life.


The word 'aura' is Greek from the meaning 'breeze' or 'air'.  The aura has many colours and moves and flows with you, changing colour with your moods, feelings and sense of self.


There are many ways to strengthen your psychic abilities through simple exercises which we bring into our spiritual development workshops.  As you move forward you may find you can see people's auras and the colours within.  

Indigo Eye
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