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A couple of months ago late one Saturday afternoon I suddenly woke up and standing by my bed was the spirit of a little boy with dark hair. His clothes were of the Edwardian era.  He then began to fade moving away from me and as he did I saw the face of a beautiful woman and another woman kneeling on the floor also wearing the same era clothes.  They then faded away.  I felt the little boy needed some help and it seemed he was not necessarily aware of the spirit ladies.  Had he come to me for help?  Had the spirit ladies shown that they wanted him to pass over properly to them?


Over the next few days I heard noises upstairs like little jumps and walking around, thinking it may be the cats I checked but they were happily sunning themselves outside.  I then felt it was the little boy's energy.


A few days later I was doing some spiritual work in my spiritual room one evening, sitting in darkness.  I suddenly saw the little boy again and a tall lady with her hair in a bun hugging a child.  I realised then I needed to help the child to pass over to his family.  So thats what I did and the noises he had been making in the house stopped and the energy was calm.


Marie 13 June 2013

Time to go home to Mother

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